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Show a progress


neetbox.progress allows you to show progresses in neetbox frontend web page.

How it looks like


Basic Usage

import neetbox
from neetbox import logger
from tqdm import tqdm
import time

def a():
logger.log("running a")
def b():
logger.log("running b")
def c():
logger.log("running c")
def d():
logger.log("running d")
def e():
logger.log("running e")

with tqdm(neetbox.progress(50)) as progress:
for _ in progress:
for func in neetbox.progress([a, b, c, d, e]):

On frontend web page:


In console:



Since neetbox.progress decorates an iterable object and returns an iterator, you can use it as a normal iterator. For example. the following usages are legal:

for i in neetbox.progress(100):
for func in neetbox.progress([fun1,fun2,fun3...]):
with tqdm(neetbox.progress(how_long)) as progress:
with neetbox.progress(tqdm(how_long)) as progress:

There are no additional restrictions on using neetbox.progress.

API description

neetbox.progress decorates an iterable object, returning an iterator. Neetbox will send progress to frontend while you are iterating through it.

class Progress:
def __init__(self, input: Union[int, enumerate, any])


  • input (Union[int, enumerate, any]): Something to iterate or something to create enumeratable object.