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Show figure as image


neetbox.add_figure allows you to send a pyplt figure as image and see it in browser.

How it looks like


Basic Usage

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import neetbox

animal_names = ['Lion', 'Gazelle', 'Cheetah']
mph_speed = [50, 60, 75]

fig, ax = plt.subplots()
bar_container =, mph_speed)
ax.set(ylabel='speed in MPH', title='Running speeds', ylim=(0, 80))
ax.bar_label(bar_container, fmt=lambda x: f'{x * 1.61:.1f} km/h')

neetbox.add_figure(name="Number of penguins by sex", figure=plt.gcf())


API description

neetbox.add_figure render matplotlib figure into an image and add it to summary. Note that this requires the matplotlib package.

def add_figure(name: str, figure, close: Optional[bool] = True):


  • tag: Data identifier

  • figure (matplotlib.pyplot.figure) or list of figures: Figure or a list of figures

  • global_step: Global step value to record

  • close: Flag to automatically close the figure

  • walltime: Override default walltime (time.time()) of event