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Remote function call via action


neetbox.action allows you to issue a remote function call in browser. Once you register an action, neetbox will create a button on web page and show function docs and input box for parameters.

How it looks like


Basic Usage

import neetbox
import os

def os_exit():
""" shutdown your process """

while True:

Visit localhost:20202 and you should see a button which will run your function.


Once you click the "Run" button, your python code should exit as you wish.

API description

@neetbox.action register function as action visiable on frontend page.

@neetbox.action(name: Optional[str] = None, description: str = None, blocking: bool = False)


  • name (Optional[str], optional): name of the action. Defaults to None(neetbox will use the function name when set to None).
  • description (str, optional): description of the action. Defaults to None(neetbox will use function docs as default when set to None).
  • blocking (bool, optional): whether to run the action in a blocked query. Defaults to False.