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neetbox.add_image allows you to send a image and see it in browser.

How it looks like


Basic Usage

import neetbox
import numpy as np
from PIL import Image

# generate a random noise image
img = (np.random.rand(300,400,3) * 255).astype(np.uint8)
img = Image.fromarray(img, mode="RGB")

# send it to frontend
neetbox.add_image(name="random noise", image=img)

while True:


API description

neetbox.add_image send an image to frontend display.

def add_image(name: str, image, dataformats: str = None)


  • image (Union[np.array, Image.Image, Tensor]): image from cv2 and PIL.Image as well as tensors are supported
  • name (str): name of the image, used in frontend display
  • dataformats (str): if you are passing a tensor as image, please indicate how to understand the tensor. For example, dataformats="NCWH" means the first axis of the tensor is Number of batches, the second axis is Channel, and the third axis is Width, and the fourth axis is Height.