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Hello from NEETBOX


I hate tensorboard, let’s make a toolbox to replace it —— Someone who created a new folder named NEETBOX

Therefore, NEETBOX is a tensorboard replacement python package which provides dashboard for monitoring and managing deep learning projects.

But wait, Tensorboard is actually a great software, DO NOT necessarily hate it, I'm just joking.

Therefore, The name NEETBOX is derived from the word "NEET"(see wikipedia). It was named this way because NEETBOX is a naive project, and the people who developed NEETBOX are idiots.

Screenshot of NEETBOX: screenshot


  • Forget configuration
  • Super easy python APIs
  • Monitoring multiple project in a single dashboard
  • Better project level management
  • NEETBOX is under heavy development, more features are coming.

How to install

NEETBOX consists of:

  • python apis
  • daemon server
  • frontend web pages

and they are already in NEETBOX python package. You can install neetbox by a single pip install:

pip install neetbox

supported platforms:

linux windows mac os

How to use

Quick start

Please refer to the example for a quick start, and take a look at Python APIs in the side bar.

After quick start



Except frontendFrontend
links: github and bloglinks: github and blog

All contributors:

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